“Talk about someone who knows how to explain concepts to people in a genuine, understandable way! Chase is eager to pass on his wealth of knowledge of the local market and transform it into the financial wealth and success of his clients as their mortgage broker. Keep up the great work!”

Matthew Blostein, CPA, CA

It is really tough to find a mortgage broker that cares enough to put extra work in to help a client. We have used Chase twice now.  He has always made sure to not only get us a good rate, but also to make sure that we aren’t locked in or with a lender who has too many rules.  I would strongly recommend Chase and this company. Thanks again!

George S

“The overall level of service, guidance and advice was superior to any I have experienced. Thanks for making the mortgage side of my home purchase a smooth and enjoyable process. Chase went above and beyond for me, completely exceeded my expectations. Great mortgage broker.”

Kurtis M

“Professional and courteous mortgage broker. Makes even my most nervous and stressed clients feel at ease with his welcoming personality.”

Kaitlin S

“As someone who has been close to Chase Belair for quite a while, I trusted him with the responsibility of taking care of my mortgage. This was the BEST decision of my life! As someone who didn’t know anything about that stuff, I can comfortably say that at the age of 22 I own a condo in a beautiful area at a fantastic sub prime rate with very good terms; you better believe that its all because of this man right here! Chase provides excellent service, is very knowledgeable of the industries and market trends and is an outstanding character. I can’t personally think of anyone more deserving of a review!”

Christian B